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combination ingredients

Essential Oils

+ Cedarwood - improves focus
+ Roman Chamomile - insomnia, calming
+ Bergamot - relaxant
+ Mandarin - nervous relaxant and calming

Flower Essence Elements

+ Boronia for clarity & focus
+ Black eyed Susan - slow down, to reach a still centre
+ Paw Paw for feelings of  overwhelm

Tissue Salts

+ Nat-Phos alleviate feelings of agitation

Homeopathy Elements

Arsenicum Album for the nervous system. Balances emotional, mental, and physical .
Argentum Nit relieves hyperactivity, nervousness, anxiety, insecurity, fears.
+ Gelsemium to help with apprehension and nervousness

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Small batch, hand crafted body and bathology infusions created in the foothills of the hinterland north of Byron Bay, in the tiny village of Burringbar. Combination therapy of Australian Bush Flower Essences, Homeopathy, Tissue Salts and Homeopathy infused in organic & 100% natural, ethically sourced elements.​

Each of our combinations contain a specific set of attributes based on their intention. Our aromatherapy sets are 100% essential oils.


We do not know exactly what effect essential oils may have on a developing baby. Studies have only tested oils on animals, with varying results and although aromatherapy has been known to be helpful in easing pregnancy issues such as swallow ankles, nausea and backache; we would recommend not to use these within the first trimester.  

Please Note - Alchemy In The Raw products are not a replacement for treatment by a healthcare professional. Please consult a healthcare provider if you have any questions about a particular health condition. Please refer to our full terms and conditions below for further information.


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