ANXIETY fusion base

combination ingredients

Essential Oils


Reduce Stress Reactions and Negative Emotions, Helps Boost Immune System Function and Prevents Illness, Astringent, Kills Harmful Germs and Bacteria, Heals Skin and Prevents Signs of Aging, Eases Digestion

Cedarwood - 

Improves focus, has anti-inflammatory agents, reduces skin irritations​, relives spasms, relieves acne, stimulates metabolism, regulates menstruation, tightens muscles


Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, Calming, Freeing of stress,  Lifting, Anti depressant 

Flower Essence Elements


Has a quieting effect on the nervous system.



This remedy is like an energy tonic. It is great for people who are convalescing to bring them back to their full energy. It works to tonify the adrenals which are often depleted when people are overtired. Sometimes when people are in this state they have trouble sleeping and resting so macrocarpa can help the body fall back into a healthy rest pattern. If the adrenals are compromised then it often follows that the immune system is also compromised so in these cases macrocarpa can also work as an immune boosting essence.

Botanical elements

Centaurea Cyanus - Cornflower Blue

Tissue Salt Elements

Mag-Phos 12x


Magnesium Phos, can help your body utilize magnesium in the body. Cell Salts can improve the body’s ability to absorb Magnesium. If lacking in Magnesium Phos, nerves are on edge with the inability to relax emotionally (showing as anxiety, nervous disorders, depression) and physically (showing as muscle problems, fibromyalgia-worse with even a light touch, nerve sensitivity-even the skin may feel overly sensitive).


Calc-Phos 12x 

Calcium Phosphate is called the "feel good remedy" because it helps rebuild cells, promote circulation, and restore vitality.Calcium Phosphate promotes healthy cellular activity and restores tone to weak organs and tissues. Calcium Phosphate speeds recovery from illness and injury. Calcium Phosphate is helpful for a wide range of health concerns including joint pain; broken bones; numbness in extremities; and tooth decay problems.Cell Salts are the foundational nutrition for the body's enzyme activities and energy cycles. Cell Salts are instantly bioavailable.


Calc-Flour 12x


Calc Flour is beneficial for people who react easily to stress.Ideal tissue salt for feeling OVERWHELMED.


Kali-Phos 12x

Anxiety, nervous dread, lethargy. Very nervous, starts easily, irritable. Brain-fag; hysteria;

Homeopathy Elements

Lycopodium 30c


Melancholy; afraid to be alone. Little things annoy, Extremely sensitive. Averse to undertaking new things. Loss of self-confidence. Constant fear of breaking down under stress. Apprehensive. Weak memory, confused thoughts; Sadness in morning on awaking.


Ignatia 30c


Changeable mood; introspective; silently brooding. Melancholic, sad, tearful. Not communicative. Sighing and sobbing.


Gelsemium 30c


 Desire to be quiet, to be left alone. regarding his Emotional excitement, fear, etc. Bad effects from fright, fear, exciting news. Stage fright.


Agnus Cat 30c 


Absentminded & lack of courage. Nervous depression and mental forebodings.

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Australian Bush Flower Essences, Homeopathy, Tissue Salts, Aromatherapy Bathology & Body

Each of our combinations contain a specific set of attributes based on their intention. Our aromatherapy sets are 100% essential oils.


We do not know exactly what effect essential oils may have on a developing baby. Studies have only tested oils on animals, with varying results and although aromatherapy has been known to be helpful in easing pregnancy issues such as swallow ankles, nausea and backache; we would recommend not to use these within the first trimester.  

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